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In 2014 the School of Veg Charitable Trust was formed, thanks to the foresight of Shaun Cleverley and Sam Lees. Then later that year Sam and Rebecca Lees made a trip to the UK, visiting Pam Warhurst and Estelle Brown of Incredible Edible Todmorden.

Sam Lees, Pam Warhurst (MBE) co-founder of
Incredible Edible Todmorden and Rebecca Lees
After two brain storming sessions with Pam, a tour from Estelle Brown and a heap of inspiration from the town of Todmorden, Rebecca and Sam returned to NZ ready to make it happen in their small town of Geraldine. Thanks to the dedication of the 6 School of Veg Charitable Trust board members and a host of volunteers, funding was sourced, plants grown, and a town inspired. 

Two years on, thanks to the dedication of Sam Rebecca and the team of Incredibles, the movement has spread to other areas of the country.

Incredible Edible is about empowering local people to do local initiatives, around food and gardening. This is exactly what's taking place - edibles are popping up all over Geraldine, with volunteers, passers by, and businesses helping maintain them. 
A wheelbarrow produce swap has been installed at the local Geraldine Kindergarten (hugely successful!) and Geraldine Preschool, and preschool children grow and plant seedlings as part of their learning.  A huge array of initiatives are growing around the town, and now sprouting up around the country.

Geraldine Volunteers meetup during Pam's visit to NZ
The Orchard of Legends is another initiative this movement has inspired, and Incredible Edible Geraldine has produced an online interactive map so locals, and tourists alike, can enjoy the stories about the people behind their town, and the edible delights Geraldine has on offer.

Whether you grow vege on your front lawn, install an edible bucket, plant a tree or grow a grape vine along your fence - get creative, do it well, and let us know about it. We'll make sure you get an Incredible Edible sign so folks understand they can help themselves, and we'll add you to the Edible Trail. Together we make the world a kinder, more incredibly edible place.

Rebecca and Sam Lees give motivational talks about Incredible Edible and the inspirational journey to ediblise the urban landscape. 
To discuss a speaking event contact us.

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